Welcome to my new Hookup Stories blog! I created this site so that anyone can come here and anonymously talk about their hookup stories and other sexual confessions. To help populate the page I’d like to offer all my of readers a free $25 gift certificate in exchange for their story, and if you can gather up the courage to tell me about your Hookup Story on video, I’ll up the ante and send you a $50 gift certificate! Have you had a hot, no-strings-attached, hook up? Did you fall in love over coffee and heart-touching tales? Or have you shared really steamy exchanges of erotic pics and wild fantasies online? Share with us your most adventurous, juicy, romantic or thrill-seeking real life stories about any of your matches on our sites and once we’ve verified your story, the gift certificate is yours! We are looking for stories that are entertaining, inspiring, original, and true. Weave your most-provocative tale, from eager beginning to fulfilling end. Don’t worry, more than one winner will be chosen every month. You can submit your story by leaving a comment right here on the blog, or email us at realhookups at gmail dot com. Thanks!